Here you can switch off and dream, simply let your soul relax. Or be confronted with the most diverse texts.

The texts on the following pages are snapshots of a life. They are tiny moments. They are experiences and dreams. They are answers and questions. Lyricism transforms reality without rejecting the truth. Sometimes it is just a fleeting thought, sometimes a picture or a single word. And then, syllable upon syllable becomes the framework. The written word can caress or deliver a blow, that depends entirely on the reader. Poetry is the language of emotions.

Enjoy browsing.

Barbara Ohl

About the Autor

Barbara Ohl, born in Idar-Oberstein, has been living in Kaiserslautern since 1978, in the heart of the Palatinate Forest. She loves nature and is repeatedly inspired by her walks. After school and education, she worked as a technical translator. After several years of parenting, she joined the regional Kaiserslauter magazine "Metropolitan" as an editor. In the era of the www the magazine could no longer exist and so she fulfilled a long cherished dream. She made her hobby a profession and went into business for herself. She opened a small bakery. Today she dedicates herself only to writing and nature.