Goodbye my old friend


came fast
life just past
a last sad farewell
death bell


©Barbara Ohl



are always there
since my birth
you stay right beside me
no matter
what route I go
you limp behind
whatever door I open
in my life
you are already there
you are always there
I breathe you
drink you like wine
in your gaze is only
black night
in my eyes still
so much life
I am not afraid
be patient my heart
still hang between
yesterday and tomorrow
so close to me

are always there
when my soul cries
old and gray
and calls for you
you are there
to take me in your arms
Death - you are always there

©Barbara Ohl

Translation by Rita A. Hess

Slammed doors


Sleepwalking I go from one room
in the other.
Here I am....
I am not at home here.
The moon plunges into my night
and the mind wanders in strange ways.
My dreams blend with my life,
darkness tells about dread,
life tells all lies.
Slam the door on my dreams,
slam the door on my life.
My tears fill a dried up riverbed
And I swim home on my autumn leaf.


©Barbara Ohl
Translation by Rita A. Hess

The Dream Catcher


I cry into the silence
of my heart
in my eyes
is dark night
my mouth
is parched
Words like crumbs
that scratch in the throat
the soul dangling
in fear
my skin
thin and cold
The Dream Catcher
playing with my
colorful dreams
catches them
and leaves me
dreamless in a
disenchanted world


©Barbara Ohl
Translation by: Rita A. Hess



My longing cries into the
clouded sky,
trails away into the fog
and I cry
into the everyday boring gray.
Come and paint my life
in bright colors.
Dye my sky blue again
and lose yourself to me.
Give me every breath
and every smile.
Warm my soul and
be a part of me.
Let my eyes spray
the joy of life and
free my thoughts.
Lie to me and retain
our dream.
My longing cries into
the clouded sky,
trail away into the fog.


©Barbara Ohl

Translation by Rita A. Hess